Strategies for winning at roulette

Who is going for the first time at the roulette game generally does not know that there are specific strategies designed by experts to easily win at roulette r most of the time beginners just starting out focusing on some random numbers and thus arrive in no time to lose all the money with which they had decided to play.

Many of these strategies are not difficult to apply once learned well, but it must be said, however, that in many physics roulette are not very popular and therefore discovered the dealer may decide to exclude you from the game. It is very important then, once discovered these strategies, apply only to the dealer roulette onlne because, being in this case a software, not aware of the tricks that are applied and therefore do not ever cut out players from the roulette table.

It is also recommended, because with these techniques you can win a lot of money, not to go beyond the amount of € 100 Euros won the day so as not to arouse suspicions site managers of online games for real money. Rather, if you want to increase the value of your winnings daily, it is best to enroll in more online roulette and stop at each one to achieve the daily € 100.

Once you have taken all these precautions you can switch to apply the techniques of winning at online roulette. The most profitable of these techniques is also the easiest to apply and requires a capital investment really ridiculous: it is only € 64. First you need to choose a color that start point. You bet an euro on that color and if you win you bet a euro on the other color. If you lose you double your bet instead while retaining the same color. It goes like that until the next win will change color and a new installment of € 1.

5 Best Roulette Bots

The desire to win at automating roulette is great and involves more or less all the players. The choice of relying on roulette bots at this point is automatic and involves a shortcut for players who in most cases is a winning. Unfortunately, not all who are called “roulette bots” really work. Some, in fact, have as their purpose just to get money to the victim, hoping to buy a real roulette bots spends about $ 99 and then receive an activation code by post / download totally fake. In order to avoid these drawbacks unpleasant loss of money here you will find the 5 best roulette bots that will not let you waste money unnecessarily but rather there will earn money through betting.

Among the most reliable roulette bots is definitely the most famous “Roulette Bot Pro”. The official website of this bot is in English but you can find a brief introductory page in other languages. After a brief explanation of this roulette bot will lead us directly the official page in English which is of course always possible to translate with an online translator (such as the one offered by Google). After 3 days free trial you can choose whether to continue to use the software or not.

Another roulette bots greatly appreciated is “Roulette Bot Plus” available in version 1.3 from where you can also read answers to frequently asked questions about roulette bot. The software is free but you can still make a donation to the developers to support their project.

Other software roulette bot free is “Magic Spin Roulette Bot” can be found online with a simple search on the web.

Who gets along at least a little ‘with the German can rely on Autobids of “CosinoBot.” The best roulette bot present in Germany. To use it, go to the link


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