Roulette Rules

Each game has its own rules, and roulette in this case does not make exception. Indeed, it is a game of chance where bets are made ​​using real money, it is necessary that they are more rigid and well understood.

In order to start playing is essential to know how it is structured the wheel used for the roulette wheel in order to make the most of their game strategies and the best bet to bring home the victory. In the wheel is used for this game there are 37 boxes in a green engraved with the number 0. The other 36 have numbers from 1 to 36 and the colors of the boxes alternate between red and black.

The dealer announces the opening of the episodes that each player can perform on a certain number and announces the end of pronouncing the French quote “Rien ne va plus”. Closed bets, the croupier starts the wheel starts to spin and then tosses you into the ball by turning it counterclockwise. This is the moment of greatest tension, but also of greatest interest among all players.

When the wheel stops, in fact, the box where the ball will land will decide the winner of the round of the game. The bets that you can make are very differnt, in any case, all possible combinations are shown on the roulette table or can be viewed at any time as it is on these representations that are positioned chips.

You can bet on a single number or on different combinations of two to four or even on twelve numbers at the same time until you get the combination with the most amount of numbers, ie 18.

Free Online Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance and that is why focusing on its boxes you can win the same way but you can also lose. This unpleasant event can happen especially to those who are less experienced and those who are going for the first time to make their bets using this system of play.

For these novice users who do not want to risk losing their capital that they have decided to invest in the game of roulette was devised a new game system: the free roulette online! It allows all players who have not gained enough experience yet to train with roulette by betting totally free. In this way, the money bet is only virtual, not really being spent and if they lose the bet they do not risk anything of their own.

The major disadvantage, and perhaps the only one, that the game of roulette free online can present is that just winnings, like the bets are absolutely virtual, it is not possible in any way to withdraw money won or make use of them in any way. This is the only flaw of  free online roulette, however,they allow you to train the game for an indefinite period in order to test the best strategies and  then take advantage of a roulette for real money when they are well established, so we could bring home the fruits without any risk.

Unfortunately, not all websites roulette offer this opportunity to train before playing with real money, but there are some who do not and are not too difficult to use. One of these is perhaps the best on the Italian scene, is William Hill.


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