Strategies for Texas Hold’em poker

like all the Texas Hold’em poker games is made up of different parts that together give rise to the complexity of the beautiful game. These parts are identified in different areas.

Fortune, without it none of the players even the strongest individual, may it be Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu or anyone on Earth will hardly be able to win a major tournament.

The percentages math, are essential if we consider poker as a science related to the numbers as it really is, of course many times the percentages incredibly betray the expectations, but in the long term usually they are right being essentially pure mathematics.

Psychology, in fact, poker is a game totally psychological, understand opponents, identify weaknesses and exploit them is crucial to understand what are the “tells” of the players, ie those movements often rash that many players do (touching glasses, fiddle with fingers, stretch, blink faster, etc..). Often these gestures helps understand the big players to understand if an opponent can have a good hand or not. Another psychological aspect is to intimidate opponents, build a character table is critical, attacking opponents and never get attacked, if in fact the opponents will think they have a player at the table “soft” stack will be affected immediately and unlikely to emerge from such a situation. Another very important aspect is to know or understand their opponents, study them, in the hands in which you do not take part in active play you need to focus and try to understand the strategies of the players at the table.

Know the basic rules of poker and know when it’s time to fold your hand and when it is time instead to “push”, so be aware of the positions in the table, know that if you are just after blinds our position is very weak and is not recommended to play at least you do not have a very good hand, on the contrary understand that if you are in a position of Dealer’s position at the table is the best and then you can play with marginal hands and if no one has decided to enter the flat and game there are only Small and Big Blind raise is not a bad idea, this is called in the jargon groped to steal blinds is a technique that in the central parts and final tournament is very important as defending the own attempts to blinds ” stolen. ” As mentioned never prove weakness could be an unforgivable mistake.

All these various aspects form precisely the complexity of poker, the percentages that make it up are variable depending on the case, in my opinion the two major categories into which you can divide poker is luck and technique and they go hand in hand 50 % each, sometimes luck is more important and influential than the pure skill of a play, with a classic example everything will be easier. If you start with AA in hand and you can make your opponent go all-in, it is definitely part with the best hand and you have been able to induce the opponent to go all-in, he shows 22 for example and time you turn the five cards on the board thanks to a second is he to win, so we understand that starting from 80% chance of winning and a good technique you can be beaten by pure luck.

Strategies Texas Hold’em 2

Sitting at the table, each player has their own way of pose different and original, very important is the search for his own style, not someone to emulate or to look like a star of the table, but to be able to find the form of the game that most suits his character, in fact you may face a table or tournaments poker in a very different way, there are two broad categories in which normally divide poker players: Tight Players and Loose players in turn then these broad categories have subsets with multiple variables. These two names define an approach to the poker table very different, in fact Tight players prefer to play with a good basic starting hands, not mix in difficult dishes, only raise in position and with good cards, wait for the game to come to them and do not force the situation more than necessary, on the contrary Loose prove aggressive raise often try to steal blinds, talk at the table and intimidate opponents (this only a few), have united their stack if they have accumulated a , do not wait for the events, but they try to create them. Both styles of play can lead to great results, the best thing is indeed to be able to mix the two different modes and switch between them depending on the time of the game. The great champions know how to do, or know how to wait when the cards do not run and the time is negative and know how to “push” when in fact the table allows it.

For starters the first things to learn are many, but the fundamental one is definitely the selection of the hands with which to play and the positions of the table from which it is better not to enter the pot. Assuming that each pair of cards in poker has its own value and that you can play with all the cards at least at first hand selection is critical to avoid the risk of banging the head against the unexpected walls. What does  select the hands means? Just know which pairs of cards are played and not take risks if you play and which can hide the dangers for those who are not yet accustomed to the game may not be noticeable.

Good starting hands are obviously: AA, KK, QQ, JJ (the latter is often dangerous and sometimes you end up with a coin-flip gamble with the opponent), AK, AQ, these are the hands that normally carry less risk Like all couples, middle and low but they are a bit ‘more difficult to play, especially after the flop. In the case of a medium-low torque in hand (From TT to 22) is always a good idea to play it in position, ie between the last to speak, never “limp”, ie do Call, on the contrary a good recovery of 3 or 4 times The Big Blind is always a good idea to skim the group of participants who want to play for the pot, if in fact one on one a couple in hand is a good starting point in 3 or 4 players becomes difficult to manage, especially if you do not “sect “(you can find the set that is the third paper of the same).

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