Slow play is contrary to bluffing and it is considered as the deceptive play in the world of poker. Bluffing technique is used when you have a weaker hand while Slowplay technique is used when you have a strong hand but you bet passively acting as a weaker one. You pretend to be weak and through this deceptive move you make strong chances to earn more and more money from your opponents. This is also called trapping. The purpose behind passive Slowplay is to tempt the opponents into pot which can lead the opponents to fold to a raise. There is also a great chance that they might place a strong bet in response and get trapped.


The player who goes for slow playing risks the protection against hands. This sacrifice can lead to either improving the hands or losing the pot building worth. Slowplay is effective only in a case when you have amazingly strong hand and the pot size is not too large. If you are playing with comparatively weaker players, then don’t risk a large pot. What you should do while giving a best move in slowplaying is to keep waiting for the river cards to come. Always bear in mind that waiting for the turn before getting started with firing is a wise move, so stay patient and never be so hasty. This tactic will help you in making your bet stronger. The texture of the flop is also a matter of great importance while making up your decision. The flop is draw-heavy in a situation where you find suited and connected cards. There is more risk for losing the hand if you are giving out a free card. If you are allowing your opponents your free card then make sure it has potential to make them a second best hand.


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