Poker Glossary

Poker in any form is a game of slang and words that in normal life are never used, while others are used, but the meaning that is given to the table is completely  another. Sit at the table it can not be avoided the knowing of the whole dictionary of poker also because it is often required to talk to understand what is the intention of a player. It is not a good idea to be caught by other players at fault, ie not understand what happens at the table, this is never a good idea for a serious gamer or one that aspires to become a good player.

The first words to learn are:

Dealer, the man who distributes the cards on the table

Big Blind and Small Blind bets are compulsory to be put on the table by the first and second player to the left of the dealer when it’s their turn, this is the minimum bet that each player must put hand to participate in the game.

ANTE however, is the word that symbolizes the forced bet to put in the pot for all players, this happens normally in the final stages of the tournaments.

Bet is not to say other than pointing an amount at the player discretion

Call-(See) it simply means putting the same chips the one who made that Bet

Check-means pass the word on to the next player, it is often a sign of weakness but sometimes it is used as a technique to revive later in a technique called Check-Raise, widely used at the gaming tables

Raise means raising, the bet more than one player has previously bet, demonstrating a strong point or a “bluff”

Bluff-means pretend to have a hand that you do not really have, is the key part of this wonderful game is the fundamental skill of a poker player

Semi-Bluff is similar to the previous one but is made with a low point in the hand or a possible project

Show-Down is when players turn their cards to see who scored the best spot

All-in is the most important for each player, is when the player decide to put all their chips in the pot, is one of the poker jargons favorite to players obviously

Sit-Out is the time in which the player by choice, penalty or sometimes when playing online due to the disconnection of the line, the player does not participate to the hand, in each case whether it is his turn to pay the Big Blind or Small Blind the dealer will take care of make them pay

Split is when two or more players have the same point and the pot will be equally divided

Stack is the amount of chips of a player

Double-Up is when a player doubles his stack in a hand

Fold means that the player leaves the cards and hand, they simply throw the cards to the dealer


Mock-means avoiding to show cards to the opponent often gets when “chasing” a point and did not “clicks” or raised in Bluff and your opponent calls discovering the attempt to “steal”

Rebuy-is a term that is used a lot, especially online, means the purchase of a second buy-in in the same tournament. The rebuy events are special tournaments where you can buy more than one buy-in, usually until the end of the first hour of play

Add-On is similar to rebuy (always peculiarities of online tournaments) can be performed only once during the tournament, usually provides a higher number of chips compared with rebuy, we can say that if the buy-in and rebuy gives 1500 chips, Add-On will give 2000

Suitted is a pair of cards of the same suit, are cards usually played to find the Flush

Connectors-cards are tied to scale, thus that have between them a difference in value of 4 or less positions example 9 and 7 or K and 9, these cards leave open the possibility of binding a scale if combined with 3 cards of the Board

Suitted coonectors- are cards linked to color and scale that offer various possibilities to frame particular points, are often loved by many professionals, to beginners these cards can be difficult to manage and can often lead to difficult situations

American Airlines is the best starting hand that there is in poker games, ie AA

Cow-Boys is the second best starting hand available at a poker table, ie KK

AK or Anna Kurnicova is the most particular poker hand, always seems a winning hand, but the poker legends say that just as the Russian tennis player this pair of cards is more beautiful than winning

Means Draw project is used primarily when you do not yet have a final point, it is usually used when you have 4/5 of scale or color.

Turbo-another term that is used purely online, it means that the blind levels are growing faster than normal

Deck is the deck of cards that you use to play

Flop are the first three cards that the dealer turns

Turn is the fourth community card that the dealer turns

River is the last card that the dealer turns is often nicknamed Bloody River

Resources to play poker on Android & iOS

Whether you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you can play poker using one of thousands poker apps on website or play the famous Zynga Poker on Android