Other Poker Games

If you are looking for some other poker games besides Texas Holdem then you are at the right place. There are so many other exciting and thrilling poker games online on millions of poker portals. These games don’t even make you feel the edge of adventure and thrill but you will also earn a great deal of money if you play tactfully.

Anaconda is one of the hot favorite poker games. The game involves more than seven players and the initial deal starts from seven down cards to each player. Every player chooses three cards to thrust aside and then the face down passing cycle starts to the player on the left. Then the three new cards are picked by the player to the right. After that, each player discards two cards at the same time to the left and then one is discarded in the same way and the game goes on with stacking and exposing rounds. There are further variations in this game including Screwy Louie, Love Thy neighbor, 3-2-1, Rattlessnake, Junkyyard Dog, Mexican anaconda and Republican anaconda.

Omaha is another interesting game that is very famous among the poker fans. It is quite different from Texas Holdem. You would find this game on all the poker domains. Apparently both games look very similar but when you start playing the game you will find their rules quite different from each other. The multitude of drawing probabilities makes both of the games entirely dissimilar. Keep in mind that Omaha is played in a hi/low or in a high layout. In Omaha players get four cards to make a hand instead of 2. Sometimes you only left with multiple draws to make a hand in Omaha. Here are some other games including Limbo, Bid poker, Guts, 7-card stud, Draw, razz, Triple draw, Crazy Pineapple and the list goes on.


Resources to play poker on Android & iOS

Whether you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you can play poker using one of thousands poker apps on FreApp.com website or play the famous Zynga Poker on Android