Omaha and Seven Card Stud

There are different poker games born in America as well as the most popular Texas Hold’em. The variants are known Omaha and 7 Card Stud with the different possible variants of bet: Limit that means with betting limit, no limit, which means without limits that you can go all-in when you see fit, Pot- Limit which means that the maximum raise is the size of the pot. Each of these variables is a particular discipline and is very rare that a player excel in different disciplines. Obviously, during the World Series of Poker There are no events for each of these variants.


is a great game, is practiced by 2 to 10 players with 4 cards in hand for each player and 5 on the table by the Dealer in sequence 3 after the first episode, the first after the second and the last after the third. Players must make their points using two of the four cards in their hands combined with 3 of those on the bench, so if you have 3 Aces in hand, then do not get excited because it is not a good thing. The variety of good starting hands in Omaha is amazing, in fact you can play cards with “related” to color, scale, couples or high cards and all can have a good future after the flop, while starting with a pair of K and A can be a worse hand than you might think, in fact, mix two of his cards on the table with the 5 offers many variables.

Seven Card Stud

is perhaps the oldest game amongst  the Americans, is before the advent of the use of the common cards on the “Board” (table) and is a very complex game in which mathematics has a fundamental importance, far more than in any other variations of poker games in fact the visible cards are many and not just the 5 classic on Board. This discipline given the large number of cards dealt can not be played by many participants at the table.

The game takes place in this way, the dealer distributes two cards to each player and one card face up, so many cards are already visible if the table is 6 or 7 players, and you make your first bet based on your starting hand, at the end of the round the dealer will distribute a further card to each player, and you will always discover another round of betting, another card and then again a round of betting, so until you get to have two cards face down and four face up on the table so we come to the seventh card is dealt face that, thus having a total of 3 cards and 4 visible to all players in this game the bets are 5 against 4 other games.

There are two fundamental differences with all other types of poker: the first is the lack of Blinds that are replaced by a ANTE that all players must pay for each hand, while the second is that you do not have a particular order starting depending of positions with respect to the Dealer, the player showing the weakest hand is the first to speak after the first 3 cards after the fourth will be the player with the highest ranking hand to speak, so the fifth and the sixth card and their bets.

Resources to play poker on Android & iOS

Whether you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you can play poker using one of thousands poker apps on website or play the famous Zynga Poker on Android