No Limit Strategies

No limit strategies have a long list and amongst them no limit holdem poker strategy is the one. No limit holdem has unique features in this strategy. The very first advantage of this no limit strategy is you can control your bet size by adopting this technique. The strategy makes you able to trap the opponents for all their chips in one go.

What you need to do is to find out which category your opponents fall in. This is how you will be able to learn about their strong points as well as weaknesses. The strategy allows you to exploit their weak points and make use of them to earn more and more money. What the no limit holdem strategy suggests is to play the player. Be so tactful that your opponents find it very hard to make their decisions. This difficulty will lead them to uncertainty and in such a condition there will be more chance to make mistakes in confusion. On the other side strategy suggests you to keep your decisions trouble-free and stay away from your opponents’ confusions.


No limit strategies for draws include semi bluffing and free card. No limit holdem is a game of passionate psychology which involves general strategies. The type of opponents you are playing with is a matter of great significance in no limit game. You should also determine the size of the hands going to a showdown. There are mainly four categories of players when it comes to playing holdem poker.


  • Tight-passive
  • Tight-aggressive
  • Loose-passive
  • Loose-aggressive


For the tight-passive players the bluff strategy at the flop works very well. For loose-passive players the second-best hand is the best way to trap them while tight-aggressive opponents are an easy target if you want to bluff them out.



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