Game Development

The game takes place in this way, the first thing you can play up to 10 players at the same table but normally the number is between 6 and 9, the tables set with 6 players are called Shorthand are a particular specialty.

Once the players are seated at the table the dealer distributes two cards to each player from the first to the left. Very important is to understand what they are either Small Blind (SB) or Big Blind (BB), Blind, is a summation of chips or in the case of cash game money that the first and the second player to the left of the dealer must put when it is their turn, this is the minimum bet to participate in the pot. The Big Blind is the amount inside of this sum while the small blind is half of the first. Once the dealer has dealt the cards and blinds were made the hand, will begin, the first to speak will be the player to the left of the BB and so on until you reach the same Big Blind will be the last to speak.

Normally big blind and small blind are the worst starting positions. Completed the first round of betting, the dealer will place three cards face up on the table, these cards are called flop now to the first player in the game starting from the left of the dealer have to talk, the player can choose between two actions classic poker, bet a desired amount or simply “Check” and then pass the initiative to the next player, so it will go on to the player in the position of Dealer that will be the last of the tour to speak otherwise  there have been no raises in this case will be the first player in game at the right hand of Him who raised to have the last word.

After the second betting round, if there is more than one player in the game the dealer will turn another card on the table, if only one player remains, he will obviously win the hand. The fourth card is called Turn,then proceed to another round of betting always starting from the left of the Dealer. At the end of the tour, if there are at least two players present, the dealer will turn River which is the fifth and last card available to the players to make their points.

Normally is the latter card to decide the fate of the hand, is often referred to as “Bloody River” in fact. Obviously the player that will turn the best place or the person who manages to make “fold” (leave the hand) to the opponents wins. The game is very simple, the points are the classics of poker with the exception of the Full beats Flush.

Resources to play poker on Android & iOS

Whether you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you can play poker using one of thousands poker apps on website or play the famous Zynga Poker on Android