Check Raise

Check raise is a commonly used term in the world of poker. It mainly involves the deceptive move taken by the player by checking early in a betting round in the hope that someone else among the opponents opens the bet. The first player raises in the betting round after he checks in. He does so in a situation when he thinks that his opponent player may try to bluff instead of betting directly as he is not in a strong position to call a direct bet. Check raise is an ideal technique to trap the opponents. If you want to win more and more money from your opponents then try to be smart at check-raising.


Check raising is all about playing with deceptive and devious tools to lock in your opponents. How smartly you play with a weak hand pretending to have a strong position is the fundamental nature of check raising. Trapping your opponents with check raising is even more fun and excitement than drawing out the opponent on call. Bear in mind two important points while going for check raising and if you are not sure about these two things then never go for it. First you should have someone at your back who will bet if you check, so make sure you have one behind you before jumping into it. You should also determine the position of the probable player who will bet. Determining his position will greatly help you in deciding about the type of hand you should check raise with. Secondly, don’t be so over confident and keep in mind the basic rules and tactics for slowplay. Think on all these aspects and then decide whether to jump in or not as a failed check raise will expose your cards to your opponents helping them to improve their hand.


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