Titan Poker Review


January 10, 2013

Online Poker Reviews

Titan Poker are the biggest site on a network of poker rooms known as the ‘iPoker Network’, which is collectively the 3rd largest site after Pokerstars and Party Poker. This network is made up of many brands which are better known for their sports-betting, such as Bet365 and William Hill. With so many ‘gamblers’ able to easily cross into the poker rooms, the iPoker Network is rightly considered far softer than networks which only host players more serious about their poker. You will find the games noticably more profitable at iPoker, and if you stick with the biggest site on the network – Titan Poker – you will enjoy rewards and loyalty bonuses which are industry leading too.

Traffic dropped significantly at Titan Poker when the entire iPoker Network banned US players, however, Titan’s multi-lingual site and attractive promotions have brought it back to a healthy size. Titan poker is currently ranked as a “large poker room” and it is the 4th most popular room for ring games.
If you want to play low-limit poker this is to the place to go: you will find a very large field of players at the $0.02/$0.04 and all the way up to $2/$4 limits. Players for higher stakes are abundant as well. However, if you are looking for higher limits in Omaha or 7 Card, you may have trouble finding a table with action