Betting systems: how to ensure the victory

In the world of betting the endless search  of method for the sure victory, is the practice is more in use. The bettor who decides to embark on this expensive hobby, both for time and for the money that could go out and not come back, will always try to get the solution to win. Obviously, however, mathematics can not predict an outcome that comes from many variants: a sporting event can never have a precise plan to follow that could give you the solution through a formula.

Then go into the game systems, which help us to have a sure victory on the basis of what we’re going to do. The first concerns the system 2/3, which allows us to win by taking 2 results of 3 players. We have to play, then, three bills, each with 2 events in: the product of the two units must be higher than the total bet and winning the whole system. If, therefore, we are aiming at € 3 bill, for a total of EUR 9, we must point to a victory on the individual, of at least 10 euro, if not more, to justify the effort. Obviously this system can also be used with a 2/4 or a 3/4, a 2/5 and so on.

Another system is the so called Massive Attack: just play a series of at least five bets in a single bill, giving the victory to the home team with a not too high odd. The peculiarity of the system is the inclusion of a large number of items, which even if heyhad a low odd, they produce a good coefficient of multiplication. It’s up to you, then, to decide which games are suitable targets.

We come then to the Sure Bet. We must take dimensions from two different betting sites by analyzing the same game. Suppose you want to bet an amount equal to 100 € on a particular event that is given to a share of 1.9 in order to get a payout of 190 euro. Once this is done we should go to the second site, which could put the tie to 3.4: we have to win to get the same point 190/3, 4, and 55.88 euro. Same thing, then, is to do with the opposite result to the first one we chose. By doing so we can add the amount spent and then subtracted from the first win. The result will be a sure win, it will never be too high, but sure.

The best sites where you can find advices and tips for betting

Before placing a bet is good always to deal with someone, as long as you are not starting already sure onwhat to do and what to bet. To find good advice, unless you have an expert with which confront directly, maybe that can be as careful knowledge of the world of sport that you want to treat or even a skilled in the gambling world, you can rely on some website or some forums .

Usually, sites that think they can give advice on bets are various and numerous: the same newspapers in a large scale and notoriety try to give indications on multiple bets, as if they were the owners of                  ”the knowledge” . Beware of the results driven from obvious or unreliable documentation: matches must be analyzed for what they are, not for the numbers thatthey have back. therefore in order to have,  an overview of the tips and strategies that you can follow to be able to win a bill you can count on the site

The site in question and provide a fairly detailed list of predictions, analyzing the best of their ability, it also shows all the odds that you will find in the various sites, making a comparison work that will allow you to decide early on where to focus your bet. Are also listed all the deals that you can find on the web: for example, often many sites, Betclic first, they decide to offer bonus registration at major events (Such as a clash at the top) to betting: reimbursements, doubling of the first payment and so on. In addition to advice also betting on poker and casino, so if while you wait for the outcome of a bet you want to launch yourself into something  like a new hobby you know where to go .

Livescore in addition to the Forum, where you can meet a number of punters who exchange thoughts, you can read the articles posted by various editors on how the games could go or how they did, commenting unlikely predictable final results. Inevitably give ample space to the imagination in such cases.

Resources to play poker on Android & iOS

Whether you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you can play poker using one of thousands poker apps on website or play the famous Zynga Poker on Android