BETTER RATE: how to compare the odds of bookmakers

How to choose the best odds?

A good help comes from the comparators of shares, which are the tools, or tools that compare the odds offered by the major bookmakers, then selecting the highest share, which becomes a hint to the potential gambler. To make the comparison of a share related to a particular event, then just choose one of the main gauges of quotas, specify the event on which you want to bet and for which you want to know the highest share among the three results, then decide whether or not to accept the advice, or search for a different comparator units.

The comparing units also allows you to adopt the technique of winning that Surebet (safe bet that could let win 100%), and the determination of its value bet (although this is only recommended for experienced players). As regards the SureBetting, this technique allows to exploit the difference of units applied by various bookmakers, on all three possible results. So focusing on all three results, choosing the difference and the level of the stake to be carried out for each Bookmakers chosen, one reaches the safety of win (greater than the sum of the individual betting). In ValueBet, the comparator allows to identify easily the odds, then move on to consider whether or not it is a real value bet (for which we should bet or not).

In any case, the advantage lies in the fact that the search becomes much faster and simpler, than that make possible play which otherwise would be extremely very difficult to choose. Normally each comparator is connected directly to bookmakers which analyzes the shares, thus giving opportunity for potential bettors to gain quick and easy, if the value of the selected dimension is considered valid.

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