Betfair Review


Betfair was founded in the UK in 2000, and is considered one of the world’s leading online betting, as evidenced by the numerous awards he has accumulated in his trophy case, and inevitably is synonymous of quality and reliability. The positive aspects certainly not lacking, as the high welcome bonus of up to € 200, and € 500 cashback to reimburse the player for failed bets (with a threshold of 15% applied to the total losses are calculated weekly every Monday, and the amounts are immediately credited to the account game).


The site has a very intuitive structure, which makes it easy to navigate in particular, allowing the player to find the bet is simply required that the relative share without having to renounce to security (the site, in fact, uses the services Symantec to protect your personal information and credit card). As if that were not enough, there are some peculiarities to be highlighted, such as the video tutorial that guides the player in every aspect (the method of payment, the various methods of betting).


What makes Betfair different from all other online bookmaker on the market is the betting exchange that allows to obtain shares considerably higher compared to traditional bookmaker, thanks to the possibility offered to the players, of ‘I lay’ the bet.

Payment and collection winnings and how to charge / payment on account

The less valuable than Betfair is related to methods of payment (and built) accepted, since they are only accepted major credit cards, including postpaid, and bank transfers, leaving out very popular methods such as Paypal, Neteller and Moneybookers.


The units are overall good but in most cases in the average market. To emerge over competitors, it is mainly the amplitude that characterizes the type of possible bets (both for sports events and for the types of bet).

Betfair Bonus

Bonuses and incentives Betfair at the time of review (July 18, 2012)

3 € bonus for checking account no later than 7 days of opening the account

Cashback. System which compensates players the amounts lost (up to € 500.00)

5% increase of the winnings up to a maximum of 62%. To take advantage of the bonus permanent, you have to play a multiple bets with a 5 or more selections with minimum 1.40 for the win seeing increased by 5%. In addition to the 5 selections (always with minimum 1.40), the “amount of the potential payout is increased by an additional 5% for each additional selection up to a maximum increase of 62%.

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