Best Poker Tournaments

There are many poker tournaments, some of which are known to players of all levels mainly because they expect prize money and offer exceptional fame and notoriety, and from these ones were born the real stars of the poker world. However, these tournaments are accessed by paying buy-in (registration fee) very high, and if you do not have sponsors or a lot of money to start it becomes to be a real mirage, besides the fact that they take place only once a year .

Much more interesting are the online tournaments, which provide less greedy and buy-in to reach a much wider audience, as well as qualification systems that can allow more skilled or lucky players, you can access it at very low cost or even without paying a single penny, qualifying in freeroll that put at stake, rather than money prize, ticket to access the qualifications. And continue the march to the real tournament.

Among the various online poker tournaments the best are those that have a guaranteed prize pool, which means that regardless of the number of participants, ranging in positions prize will receive exactly the promised sum on the pay table. Normally, the higher is the guaranteed prize, the higher the buy-in in order to access (or the longer the process of qualifying for those who try to follow the path of the freeroll). The buy-in must undoubtedly be taken in consideration, but must also be considered the level of the players who will sit at the table as possible opponents. So if a tournament is medium-high, regardless of theappeal of the prize expected, compared with a buy-in, it is best not to venture relying on luck only.

In essence, the best poker tournaments are the ones that are close to the skill level, level of experience, and maintain buy-in in line with the bankroll which has each player. Normally guaranteed prize tournaments are played on Sundays (occasionally on Saturdays), and each poker room boasts pride from this point of view (easily identifiable in their lobby). Some poker rooms have strongly focused on these tournaments, each year repeating the same experience of the game (the Sunday Special from 200 000 guaranteed PokerStars is the one that now provides the highest jackpot ever, compared with a buy-in of 100 euro).

Resources to play poker on Android & iOS

Whether you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you can play poker using one of thousands poker apps on website or play the famous Zynga Poker on Android